The Jersey Rainbow Classic Tournament (JR-C) is a non-profit organization, as outlined under IRC Section 501(c)3, that promotes sportsmanship, fellowship and a safe haven in the LGBTQ+ community of New Jersey and its allies through the sport of bowling. It also promotes the ideals and mission of the International Gay Bowling Organization (IGBO), of which it is a proud member.

For many years, several committee members of the JR-C served as committee members and volunteers of the Gotham Open Bowling Tournament, a New York City-based IGBO tournament. Whenever the tournament was held in New Jersey, committee members would volunteer their time and expertise to run a successful tournament over its 30+ years of existence. In 2022, the NJ committee made the decision to establish a brand new IGBO tournament exclusive to the state of New Jersey. The JERSEY RAINBOW CLASSIC was born!

To contact the board, please use the Facebook group to message the committee or post questions. Click here for the link to the Facebook group. Private message Rafael Rodriguez if you need to join the group.